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Lace Headbands…

One day,  in early February, after nagging my daughter constantly to get her hair out of her face and having her hair cut was not going to happen. I decided that I needed a headband for her and not the plastic ones. She didn’t like the plastic ones, she found them uncomfortable and they always seemed to slip out of her hair. I wanted something different for her and unique. So,  I started my internet search and I came across this wonderful site All Things Bright and Beautiful that had the perfect crochet lace headband. I can crochet (thanks to my mom for teaching me) and I was in need of something to do. So, I followed the link posted to pattern, which if you are interested is here. This is how my headbands turned out.

Red Lace Headband

Those of you who have children know that if you make one for one child, you usually have to make one for the other child too. That was the case for me. So, both my of my girls got new headbands. This was the start of my renewed interest in crocheting and I have been crochet up a storm since.

Check back soon to see the next project!

© Jennifer A Williams and For The Love Of My Home, 2013.


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