Crayon Art

One restless spring day as we were waiting for the snow to finally melt away. The kids were getting a little restless being stuck inside. I decided it would be a good day to do some crayon art.

The Supplies you will need:

  • painting canvas – I got mine from the dollar store
  • wax crayons – I prefer Crayola, but I am sure any wax crayons will do
  • hot glue gun
  • a blow dryer for hair – I used my hubby’s heat gun

If you are doing this craft in the house make sure all surfaces are covered as the wax crayon could splatter. Since I decided to use the heat gun I thought I had better use it outside as it blows hotter air and I really didn’t want to clean up any splattering.

  • First we glued the crayons on the canvas

Each child had their own canvas

  • Then we took our heat gun (hair dryer) and moved the hot air across the crayons making sure to keep the board held up so the wax would melt down the board.

Our final results

I am very happy with the results of this project. The most important part was that the kids had fun.

One of the girls had so much fun that she wanted to show her classmates how to make this crayon art. Since this is what she wanted to do, I made arrangements with her teacher and we showed the class how to make crayon art.

This is one craft that I can’t wait to do again!

© Jennifer A Williams and For The Love Of My Home, 2013.



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