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Our family summer vacation this year was a much anticipated trip to the Shuswap which is in British Columbia, Canada. We knew that we would be driving out. To make our drive a little easier the girls thought that we should make some muffins to take along to snack on. What a great idea!

The girls and I looked through the pantry and freezers to see what we had to make into muffins. We found a package of shredded zucchini a package of pumpkin, and a package of mint chocolate chips. Yes, we can definitely make muffins out of those ingredients.

So, my oldest girl picked Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and my youngest girl picked Pumpkin Muffins. My son who is the eldest missed out on this baking day as he was away at a 6 week summer camp and would not be joining us on this vacation. 😦

My wonderful girls took on the responsibility of making and baking their choice of muffins.(Their first time doing all the work) Way to go my girls!!

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

These chocolate zucchini muffins had the mint chocolate chips added to them. We changed the original recipe quite a bit. This is the original recipe.  We took out the oil and added apple sauce, upped the amount of cocoa, deleted all of the spices, and added the mint chocolate chips. If you want our version of this recipe, please contact me.

Pumpkin Muffins

This recipe was a huge hit with the family. This is the recipe for these yummy muffins. The only change we made was used apple sauce instead of oil.

© Jennifer A Williams and For The Love Of My Home, 2013.


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