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Owl Blanket

The craze these days seems to be owls. I know that I have enjoyed the many different owl designs and projects that have been created. I can’t wait to make some the amazing items that have been floating around the internet.

This blanket is the first owl project that I have completed. I made it from 100% wool, as I was impaitent and wanted to crochet this blanket right now. I am sure some of you can relate to that sort of excitement for a project. I didn’t want to have to order my yarn online or drive to a larger center to purchase my yarn. I used what I could find locally and I have no regrets about that.

The finished product turned out amazingly. Better than I thought it would. I had some challenges with the wools that I decided to use and I had to make adjustments with my hook sizes to try to fix some of the problems that I was having.

I will apologize for the first two pictures in this post. At the time, I took them with my iPhone. I didn’t think that I would want to blog about my projects so, good pictures were never taken.

The blanket finally put together.

When I make this blanket again I am going to order the yarn that the pattern suggests that I use. Also if I make it for a baby, I think I will crochet the black parts of the eyes, as the pattern calls for buttons.

This pattern is called  Owl Obsession by Marken at The Hat & I. It is a pattern that if you want it,  you  will have to purchase it.

© Jennifer A Williams and For The Love Of My Home, 2013.


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