Crochet for Charity ~ Blanket Squares ~A Chirstmas Blanket Project

First I would like to point out this is NOT my idea I am merely sharing a great idea!

As I was surfing the internet this morning. I ran across this post from a fellow blogger. It is a call  out to  fellow crocheters and crafters to help with crocheting squares for a blanket for charity. After reading the write up The Grange Range posted. I felt the need to help. I followed the link to the original call out. It came from this blog Best of Crochet. If you too feel compelled to help please follow the above link  or click on the picture below. I feel that this is for a worthwhile cause. I know that I will  be picking up my crocheting hook for this cause.

Christmas Blanket Project by 2

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I will keep you updated on my contributions to this cause.

UPDATE: The directions for the squares can be found here.

© Jennifer A Williams and For The Love Of My Home, 2013


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