Hats, Mitts and Scarves

Hat, Cowl and Fingerless Gloves

As I have stated earlier. I have a renewed interest in crocheting. Now it is a case of finding the right projects to do. I do not have an outlet to sell off my crafts. So, anything that I make at the moment has to be of use and needs to be used. My searching has yielded me a few projects. This is one of those projects, I should say that this is three of those projects.

What is even better is that these three projects turned out to be six as I had to make a set for each of my girls. I must say I love having girls!

I crocheted each of my girls a hat, a cowl, and fingerless gloves. The girls picked their colors. One chose purple and the other a neon yellow/green.

The patterns I used are free and a link has been provided to each pattern. Just click on the names of each item.

Cross-Over Long DC Hat

Cross-Over Long DC Cowl

Cross-Over Long DC Fingerless Gloves

Sometimes I wish, that I could create beautiful patterns. Until I actually get there, I will be content making up other peoples patterns for my family’s enjoyment.

My girls really liked this set and couldn’t wait to wear it to school!


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