Crochet Owl Hat

I am really starting to like Owls, not just any owls though. I am very picky about the owls I choose to crochet. There are some really amazing patterns out there. Some are free and others are not. This pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.

It is called It’s a Hoot Owl hat by Carlinda Lewis on Ravelry. This is definitely not a hat for a beginner crocheter. I have been crocheting for years, but this hat was the first cable crocheting I have ever done. It was a bit challenging, which is great. I like being challenged. The challenges  I faced was so worth it. I am very happy with how my hat turned out.

As you can see, I did not use buttons for the eyes. I didn’t have any buttons when I decided that I needed to crochet this hat. I love the how subtle the owls turned out.

This is a project that I would crochet again.

Do you have a favorite owl crochet pattern? If you do and you want to share your link, please feel free to comment. I am continually on the hunt for another crochet project.


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