Making of a Christmas Wreath

Yesterday my son and I took a trip to the Dollar Store to see what could be found for the making of a wreath. My girls who normally jump at the chance to go shopping, chose to stay home.

It feels a bit early to be thinking of Christmas crafts, but I know my time will be limited as we draw closer to the festive season of all things Christmas. If I want a Christmas Wreath this year, I have to start working on it soon.

I went looking for a willow or Styrofoam ring to use as my base. Instead I found this wreath, which will allow me to decorate as I see fit.

(I could have gone out into our back forty and cut spruce boughs, but I was not feeling quite that motivated.)

My favorite Christmas colors are silver and blue. So, my son and I went looking for different decorations that we could put on the wreath to make it more festive.

I had already started painting the “W” when I remembered that I should of taken the picture before I started painting.

It will be interesting to see what our wreath will transform into with these decorations.

The girls were so excited about the prospect of helping to create the wreath. That it turned into today’s craft.

List of Supplies

Wreath base

Decorations (flowers, glass Christmas bulbs, garland, and whatever else suits your fancy)


Wooden letter (optional) – I am not 100% sure it will be a part of the final creation

Acrylic Paint

Satin Varnish

Paint brush

Hot glue gun & the glue sticks for the glue gun

Wire cutters


I started painting the letter last night so, that it would be ready for our wreath today. I painted it white first. I wasn’t sure how much paint would get absorbed into the wood and I was worried that I might run out the sparkle blue that I had picked. So, I did two coats of the white as a base. Then I put four coats of the sparkle blue. I finished off the letter with two coats of varnish.

It turns out in the end that I didn’t need to use a base coat of white. I had lots of blue sparkle paint and would not have ran out.

First step – wrap the blue beads around the wreath. Secure the ends on the back of the wreath with a bead of glue. All items added to wreath got glued on with the hot glue.

Second step – Make the bow. We used silver ribbon and tied into a bow and then added a flower to it.

Third step – We added our decorations. We started with our pine cone boughs. We stuck the stem through the wreath and the glued them into place.

We then added the blue ball ornaments and the pine cone with the gift.

Then the silver flowers got added.

The bow.

The last two items that put on to the wreath were our letter “W” and the string ball ornaments. To give us our final product.

The first Christmas wreath that our family has ever made!

UPDATE: Nov 27, 2013

A family member was impressed by our wreath and I was asked to make another one with the items she had purchased.


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