Christmas, Hats, Slippers

A Weekend Not Wasted

What a productive and busy weekend I had. I got two crochet projects done and another started. The Christmas tree has been put up and decorated. I also took the kids into the city shopping for winter gear…Mother of the year award here! Winter has already started and I just got new boots for the kids. After shopping the kids and I went to the movies. A great time was had by all.

The first crochet project completed was a pair of slippers. A Christmas gift for one of the girls. I still have another pair to make.

The slippers are called Abi Slippers Crochet Pattern

As, I have been crocheting up a storm I realized that I have not made anything for my son. So, this started my search for something masculine to crochet him. I found this pattern called Brain Waves Beanie by Liz McQueen on Ravelry and I knew I found the perfect pattern for my boy. Liz also has some amazing patterns on her website Playing Hooky Designs

Not too bad with my first attempt at this style of hat.

I am also in the process of making one now for my hubby for Christmas. I hope he will like his.

That concludes my crocheting for the weekend.

This is as far as I got decorating the tree when my children came to help.

The Tree Decorated. I have to teach the kids more on balance.


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