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Christmas Baking ~ Sugar Cookies

This happens to be one of my favorite times of year. Although it can be stressful, overly busy, and at times I don’t know whether I am coming or going. It gives me joy to provide a festive atmosphere for my family and of course food that they all enjoy.

I love the sounds, the joy, and the smells that only comes at this time of year. Over the next few days and weeks leading up to Christmas Day, I will share with you my family’s favorite Christmas recipes, new and old. These recipes are ones that I usually only make at Christmas time.

The first recipe that I will be sharing with you is a new one as of this year and it is one that will be used year round in this house. The best Sugar cookies I have ever had and an amazing glaze to go with it. The glaze was not too sweet which is huge with my family. We are not fans of overly sweet icing.

The Sugar cookie recipe I found on Make Bake Celebrate

The recipe can be found here I love all the pictures and detailed directions given. It made it super easy to whip up these cookies in no time.

Sugar CookiesI wanted to make the melted snowmen cookies, that had seen on Pinterest. Unfortunately all I had for vanilla was the regular vanilla which turned my glaze a brown color. So, in the end I made green glaze and the kids helped decorate the cookies with red sugar sprinkles. Here is the recipe for the cookie glaze.

Glazed Cookies


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