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Christmas Baking ~ Whipped Shortbread Cookies

This delicate cookie is one that I really enjoy making at Christmas time. It goes great with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. I normally use a cookie press, but cookies can be spooned on to cookie sheets as well.

This recipe is one that I got from my mom. I can remember as a child eating these cookies at Christmas. Melt in your mouth yummy!

Here is my recipe. It can be made with a hand or stand mixer. I used my stand mixer.

Whipped Shortbread


1 lb – unsalted butter

3 cups – flour

1/2 cup – cornstarch

1 cup – icing sugar

1 tsp. – vanilla

My ingredients

flour mixture

3 cups – flour

1/2 cup – cornstarch

1 cup – icing sugar

Butter warmed up to room temperature.

1 lb (2 cups) – unsalted butter

butter and vanilla creamed together

1 tsp. – vanilla

Slowly add flour mixture to butter mixture. Mix at a fairly slow speed or you will have the flour mixture everywhere.

flour mixture added to butter mixture

Cookie dough is now ready to be put into the cookie press and pressed onto the cookie sheet. This is the first time I have ever used this cookie press. It is a different style than what I am used to.

Cookies are now on the sheet and will be sprinkled with colored sugars. I had a hard time using this cookie press. They are supposed to be snowmen.

These are wreaths.  I think next year I will go back to my old cookie press. I really had a hard time getting this press to make uniform cookies.

Here is the recipe that you can print off if you would like.

Whipped Shortbread Cookies_web


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