Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave…

I have finally had it with how filthy my microwave is!

No, thanks to my family who seems to refuse to cover their food and it appears as if they refuse to clean up any splatter when it is fresh too. Hence, me having a filthy microwave.

I personally hate cleaning the microwave it is harder to clean than my oven. I hate scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing more, in an attempt to get the baked on filth off.

At first I tried a product that says it will clean the microwave and the pictures made it look so easy. WRONG…I followed the directions exactly and was saddened when the grime did not budge. So, what do I do? Well,  I go to my favorite “go to” site Pinterest. I search for “cleaning a microwave” and a large assortment of pins come up for me to go through. Yah!! It appears that there are many people looking for an easy way to clean their microwaves too.

My time is valuable so, I went looking for options that used few products and did not take much time.

Ok, so I found a two-step process. This is good, it fits my criteria of being simple and only a few products needed to be used (water in a bowl).  I am very certain that this would have worked for me too.

The problem is, and I really hate to admit it, but the last time my microwave was cleaned was probably six months ago. I know, I know…that is really gross, it is a health hazard, YUCK! I get it, I really, I do. There is no excuse for such filth. It is a daunting task, one that should really fall on those who use the microwave the most…the kids. Please remember my kids are in their teens and are more than able to clean up after themselves.

Now, if I was more patient and if I was willing to scrub the two-step process would have been dandy, but  I am looking for that miracle solution that will  just easily let me wipe that grime away. So, this is my second failed attempt today to get my microwave clean.

Maybe three times is the charm. I am thinking I will try a vinegar and water mixture. Many pins used vinegar and water. So, I took my bowl of water from my second attempt and added vinegar until I had an approximate ratio of half and half. My bowl was quite large so I turned the mixture on for 10 minutes. I really wanted it to boil lots and create lots of steam.

I used oven mitts to take the bowl out the microwave, it was really hot! I carefully dipped my paper towel in the mixtures and proceeded to wipe up the mess in the microwave. To my disgruntlement, I still had to scrub, but not as much scrubbing as I have had to do in the past.

Microwave all clean now

I will not show you what it looked like before (I also forgot to take a before picture). Just trust me, it was nasty.

Is this my miracle solution…I don’t think so. I still believe that there has to be an easier way.

I firmly believe that the easiest way to clean your microwave is to 1) not own one 2) throw the darn thing out and get a new one (if money was not an issue). Regrettably getting a new microwave every six months is not practical nor environmentally friendly. So,  I am stuck with having to clean my microwave. I am left with the opinion that their really is not an easy way to clean the microwave.

Do you have a miracle solution for cleaning your microwave? Please share your tips as I am still looking for a better way to clean mine.


2 thoughts on “Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave…”

  1. Lol! The main key is to boil that water and leave the bowl in your microwave for a long time. The longer the better. I’m not kidding. The steam will do the work, go ahead and add some vinegar in there too. It’ll help cut the grease, but trust me, try it again. Boil a big bowl, leave it in there and then maybe even reheat it if your water gets cold and micro it again. Steam does wonders!

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