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January 2014 ~ What a Busy Month!

The first month of this new year has been busier for me than most January’s. It presented me with some challenges, which is always good.

The first highlight of this month was a Social Benefit I helped to organize for a local family who suddenly lost their husband and father at the beginning of December. What is unique about this family is that they are from the Philippines and have moved here recently (in the last 3-4 years). I call that recent as I have been living in this wonderful community for 27 years. What an awesome experience it was. I have never organized an event and this one came together so nicely. People came out to volunteer their services, time, and items for a silent auction. The support was overwhelming. Our little community raised over $7000 in our one night event.

During the height of organizing this event, our area had a massive wind storm. Winds gusting anywhere from 100km/h-170km/h. This wind crippled many of our internet towers causing many of us to be without internet. Our service provider informed us today that it has taken them 17 days to get all the towers repaired. We do not normally get winds that strong. It really sucked not being able to get onto the internet! I am very relieved to have it back.

I finally got my Owl Baby Blanket finished. It turned out really well. I am so happy with it! To read more about this project check out Owl Baby Blanket Update and Latest Crochet Project

baby blanket


baby blanket


I love how the backing covers up all the tag ends from sewing on the eyes and beaks.

I am now in search of my next crochet project. Does anybody have any ideas? Please share.


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