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Crochet Projects ~ February to April, 2014

I am sorry that it has taken so long to post anything. We have had a bunch ups a downs since January. We were in the process of ordering and securing a brand new modular home, which was extremely exciting for us. To finally have rooms for each of the children and lots of space to hang out. Just before we were going to pay for our order the water system crashed on our farm. Since water is a priority, we had to put our purchase on a definite hold. We have a temporary water line hooked up until the contractor can come and dig new lines.  The old lines are 30 years old and it is not surprising that the water system finally  gave out. As, the snow melted and we got looking around at other things that need maintaining, we notice that our shop roof needs to be replaced. So, we are now planning on getting that fixed this year. Fortunately we can do all of that work ourselves. As much as it was disappointing to not be able to buy our new home at this time, I think a higher power may of been looking out for us. Now we will have what we need to complete all of the repairs. Since I didn’t have to gear up for a move, I have been busy crocheting. Here are the products I have completed since February. Braided Beanie_web This is a Braided Beanie. The pattern for this Beanie  can be found on Liz McQueen’s  Ravelry store or on Playin’ Hooky Designs website. Rainbow jacket 1_web

Baby Hoodie

Rainbow Jacket 2_web


Birdie Beanie_webBird Hat

Polar Bear Hat_webPolar Bear Hat

Teady Bear Crochet Blanket_webA baby blanket made for a friend, Teddy Bear #58.

Girafe Hat_webGiraffe Baby Beanie.

Slouchy hat_webA cable crochet slouch beanie.

I also have three blankets on the go. I am trying my hand at Tunisian crochet, a baby blanket. It is a great challenge and is very slow going. Fortunately it is a project for me and not a client. I am working on a chevron pattern blanket for a friend and another baby blanket for a family member.


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