DIY Cleaning Products ~ My New Favorites

I am trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals I use in my home. So, I am turning to more natural and safer alternatives. Hoping to find solutions that use products that I may already have in my pantry or that are relatively cheap to buy. Over the last few months I have been trying different cleaning solutions that I have found on the internet. The goal is to find the right cleaning products for me.

I was one of those people who would be sucked in by the newest cleaning products on the market, and I would buy them. I have a cupboard full of products that didn’t live up to their hype and have wasted hundreds of dollars in the process.

In the last few weeks I have come across two homemade cleaning options that work better (for me) than commercial products. Laundry Soap is the first product I have found a great homemade recipe for. I was buying a leading brands capsule type laundry soap, as it was convenient and easy for the kids to use. In our home it is the kids responsibility to do their own laundry. I found that sometimes the packaging wouldn’t dissolve completely and would stick to my clothes resulting in have to rewash that article of clothing. My time and my children’s time is valuable having to redo laundry because a product did not work properly, wastes our time.

I found this great recipe for homemade laundry soap on the web site called How Does She? I find that this laundry soap is absolutely amazing. I love how clean my clothes come out, even hubbies work clothes come out cleaner than when I used a leading commercial brand. I still spot treat stains though. This soap is easy for the kids to use and it was inexpensive to make. There were a couple of changes I made to the recipe though. The recipe calls for “Zote” soap…good luck finding it here in Canada. I used “Sunlight” laundry bar soap instead. It also calls for” Purex Crystals”, I used “Downy Unstopables”and the next time I make this laundry soap I will be using “Scenty’s Washer Whiffs”.

This recipe cost me about $50 to make. According to the information in the above recipe this laundry soap should last a year with doing 6 loads of laundry a week. So, that works out to 312 loads a year, 26 loads a month. My homemade laundry soap costs me $4.17 a month working out to about $0.16/load. My commercial brand soap costs $16.97 for 57 loads which works out to $0.30/load. I am so glad that I made the switch!

Laundry Soap 1_web

It makes lots of soap. The laundry soap was near the top when I started using it. This container is the large Tupperware container that holds a 10Kg bag of sugar.

Laundry Soap 2_web

The other cleaning homemade cleaning product that I love is a multi-purpose cleaning spray. I found the recipe on Pinterest. I could not find the source though to give proper credit.

The Recipe:

2 Tbsp. – Borax

4 Tbsp.   Vinegar

3 drops – Dish Soap


Put first 3 ingredients into a large spray bottle. Add water to the top, shake to mix.

Cleaning Ingredients_web

Top of Fridge_webThis is the top of my fridge which is cover in grease and dirt.

Top Fridge Clean_web

The top of my fridge clean. I sprayed and wiped. No scrubbing!!

Dirty Food Processor

My food Processor covered with grease and grime, that would not normally come off without a fight.

Clean Food Processor_web

I just sprayed my cleaning solution on and wipe the grime right off.

I love how well this spray works. It makes cleaning a breeze. A word of caution though, I would test it before using it on all surfaces. On our glossy table it will streak if left to air dry.

Do you have a favorite homemade cleaning product? Please feel free to share.



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