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Something Pretty

The next project I am in the planning stages of, was inspired by this picture.

I originally found this picture on Pinterest, but unfortunately I cannot find the source of the picture and it was not linked to a pattern.

I needed to find the pattern of this beautiful blanket. After much searching I finally found it on Ravelry. The pattern is called Something Pretty by Mille Makes.

I fell in love with the purples and greys in the above picture, but I want to make sure the colours I choose go well together and fit with the colours of my living room. So, I started searching for colour palettes. In my searching I ran across Design Seeds. Design Seeds has many, many colour palettes to choose from. This is now my go to place for all my colour needs.

These are some of the colour schemes that were being considered for this blanket. The following photos were found on Pinterest, they belong to Design Seeds, I was unable to find the photographers name associated with each of the colour schemes. (If anyone has the information I will gladly give credit)

With help from my daughter it was decided that option 3, was the one we liked the best.  We found the following yarn matched the closest. Vanna’s Choice Yarn by Lion Brand. In Linen, Purple, Eggplant, Dusty Purple and Taupe.

Now the hard part is determining how much yarn to buy. The purples are going to be the flowers, the linen will be the background and the taupe will be the joining colour.  I found the information I needed at Freestiches.  

I wanted to test the pattern out with different size hooks. I had some left over yarn that is the same weight as the Vanna’s Choice Yarn.

1) 5.5mm hook

2) 4.5mm hook

3) 6mm hook

The sample my daughter liked the best was the one done with the 5.5mm hook. So, that is the hook size that will be used.

A sample of what’s to come.

I’m excited to see the end result!


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