Blankets ~ Afghans

Dusty Snowflake Throw

My Something Pretty blanket is on hold for the moment. Friends have recently announced that they are expecting baby number two. This makes me really happy as I love to crochet and having a reason to,

is a huge bonus!

I love to gift blankets so, I offered to make them a blanket for this new bundle of joy.  I had made their first baby this Owl Blanket.

This is the pattern that was chosen Dusty Snowflake Throw, baby is due in November.

The yarn for this project.

I love the variegated shades of blue.

This is what the large motive looks like. This blanket is joined together as you create each motive.
This is 3 large motives joined.


As I progress with this blanket I will add picture updates to this post. You may want to check back often.

The small motif.

I have completed this baby blanket and it turned out beautifully.

I lined this blanket with grey minky fabric.

I also made this receiving blanket.

I cannot wait to give these blankets to my friends.


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