DIY Cleaning Products ~ My New Favorites

I am trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals I use in my home. So, I am turning to more natural and safer alternatives. Hoping to find solutions that use products that I may already have in my pantry or that are relatively cheap to buy. Over the last few months I have been trying different… Continue reading DIY Cleaning Products ~ My New Favorites


Baby Hats…..

I was going through all of my left over yarn from my projects since Christmas and putting them away. I could not believe the amount of yarn I had left over! I could use my left over yarn to make Granny Squares, I may still do that. I really wanted to do something different with… Continue reading Baby Hats…..

Blankets ~ Afghans

January 2014 ~ What a Busy Month!

The first month of this new year has been busier for me than most January's. It presented me with some challenges, which is always good. The first highlight of this month was a Social Benefit I helped to organize for a local family who suddenly lost their husband and father at the beginning of December. What… Continue reading January 2014 ~ What a Busy Month!


Hmm…Interesting…Smart Phone Apps and Teens

As I was reading Rediscovered Families on Facebook this morning. She had a very interesting link to an article called 4 Apps Teens Love that Parents Need to Monitor I am a parent to teens and have never heard of the Apps mentioned in the article. It is kind of scary,  the things that kids and… Continue reading Hmm…Interesting…Smart Phone Apps and Teens

Christmas, One dish meals, Recipes

Christmas Baking ~ Sour Cabbage Rolls

A tradition in our house is to have a Ukrainian food for dinner on Christmas Eve. We are not Ukrainian, and I cannot cook as well as many of my Ukrainian friends. but it is food the whole family enjoys. It is a special evening we share with my mom and dad before we head off… Continue reading Christmas Baking ~ Sour Cabbage Rolls

Christmas, Recipes, Squares & Tarts

Christmas Baking ~ Cherry Cheesecake Tarts

Cherry Cheesecake Tarts are my hubby's absolute favorite dessert! He would love it if I made these all the time. I only make these at Christmas time as they wreak havoc with my waist line. I have no self-control when it come to yummy food! To make these tarts all you need is: Hand or Stand… Continue reading Christmas Baking ~ Cherry Cheesecake Tarts

Christmas, Elf on the Shelf

The Continuing Adventures of Ralph the Elf ~ Dec. 10-16

If you happen to be looking for some other acts of kindness-elves ideas, or elf on the shelf ideas. Here are some pages you may like. Kindness Elves The Imagination Tree Adventures of an Orthodox Mom Only Little Once Here are the photo's from the last week including today! Tangled up in my crochet project.… Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Ralph the Elf ~ Dec. 10-16


Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave…

I have finally had it with how filthy my microwave is! No, thanks to my family who seems to refuse to cover their food and it appears as if they refuse to clean up any splatter when it is fresh too. Hence, me having a filthy microwave. I personally hate cleaning the microwave it is… Continue reading Easy Way to Clean Your Microwave…