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Crochet Projects ~ February to April, 2014

I am sorry that it has taken so long to post anything. We have had a bunch ups a downs since January. We were in the process of ordering and securing a brand new modular home, which was extremely exciting for us. To finally have rooms for each of the children and lots of space to… Continue reading Crochet Projects ~ February to April, 2014


Baby Hats…..

I was going through all of my left over yarn from my projects since Christmas and putting them away. I could not believe the amount of yarn I had left over! I could use my left over yarn to make Granny Squares, I may still do that. I really wanted to do something different with… Continue reading Baby Hats…..

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A Weekend Not Wasted

What a productive and busy weekend I had. I got two crochet projects done and another started. The Christmas tree has been put up and decorated. I also took the kids into the city shopping for winter gear...Mother of the year award here! Winter has already started and I just got new boots for the… Continue reading A Weekend Not Wasted

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Hat, Cowl and Fingerless Gloves

As I have stated earlier. I have a renewed interest in crocheting. Now it is a case of finding the right projects to do. I do not have an outlet to sell off my crafts. So, anything that I make at the moment has to be of use and needs to be used. My searching… Continue reading Hat, Cowl and Fingerless Gloves