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Caron Cake Baby Blanket

As I was searching through Pinterest looking for crochet patterns that I wanted to try, I found this pattern: Caron Cake Crochet Blanket Pattern I couldn't wait to try this pattern. I was so, happy to find out that one of my co-worker's is expecting a baby. The yarn colour I chose for this project… Continue reading Caron Cake Baby Blanket

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Crochet Projects ~ February to April, 2014

I am sorry that it has taken so long to post anything. We have had a bunch ups a downs since January. We were in the process of ordering and securing a brand new modular home, which was extremely exciting for us. To finally have rooms for each of the children and lots of space to… Continue reading Crochet Projects ~ February to April, 2014


More Crochet Headbands

I know,  another post on headbands. I promise this will be the last one on headbands. This will be the dedicated spot that will be updated as new headbands get crafted. So, you may want to check back regularly to see if there is something new. My girls can never seem to have enough hair… Continue reading More Crochet Headbands

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Lace Headbands…

One day,  in early February, after nagging my daughter constantly to get her hair out of her face and having her hair cut was not going to happen. I decided that I needed a headband for her and not the plastic ones. She didn't like the plastic ones, she found them uncomfortable and they always… Continue reading Lace Headbands…